"Dice of Destiny"

is an extraordinary, intense and fun board game for 2 to 6 players. The race between the players goes on rough terrain with many and various obstacles. The goal of every player is to collect and keep big fortune and finish the race before anyone else. Roll The Dicе of Destiny to see what expects you in the next throwing.

The game is ready for manufacturing. Without your help I would not be able to succeed. Please support the campaign - you can make it come true. All the fundings are aimed towards production and product delivery, so the fun could start.

The game in its core is a fun race between you and the other players - each using unique characters. The race is going on incredible diverse terrain with many obstacles. Among them are a waterfall that you can fall in, an angry bees, quicksands that you can stuck and many others.



Choose the unique character, that best suits your strategy in game.

There are six characters and at the beginning of the game each player can choose one of them. The characters have special skills that affect the gameplay - increase pickpocketed gold, allows you to push other players back or just helps you to run faster.

first second third fourth fifth sixth


Throwing the Dice of Destiny, which is 12D with different special symbol on every side, affects the other dice values and defines which and how many of them will be thrown. The special symbols on the Dice of Destiny can give useful opportunities for the player. Additionally there are 6D dices - a wooden ones that are for moving and a golden ones for earning gold.

DoD No one can escape their destiny. See what the Dice of Destiny has got for you.
golden dices Gold is needed to win the race. Roll the golden dice.
dices The road is long and tough, how fast can you go on the path to victory? Only the wooden dice will decide.
coins The victory has its price - save your gold so you can pay it and win the “Dice of Destiny”!
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